Friday, April 15, 2011

Kitchen Chairs: Back from the 80's

Again, our kitchen table was left in our house by the previous owners. (this was their third home) So I had a great table with nice chairs but the chair pads were a lovely abstract 80's motif. Not wretched but not too appealing either.

Here's a close up since I know you're loving it. This was just regular upholstery type fabric.

The first step was to drive 4 hours to SAS fabrics and buy me some new bargain priced faux leather to work with. Well worth the trip. Next I unscrew the pads from the chairs, removed the old fabric and cut the new fabric using the old fabric as a guide.

Next I pulled out my 50 cent garage sale staple gun and stapled the new fabric right on there, making sure to do opposite sides first while gently pulling.

I chose this fabric for it's ability to wipe up easily after spills, neutral look, and affordable price. I think this project cost me around $15 total.

And there you go, updated and spill proof!

Now come on over and have seat.

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