Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Back!

So here we go, my blog is back!

So much has happened since I first started this blog, moving, finishing school, buying a house, having a baby, etc.

BUT I've missed creating things and posting online so I've decided to revive the old Ladybug Lane and give it another whirl.

Here's what I hope:

to bring fun ideas of how to spruce up your home and inspire you in your own homemaking endeavors

show you projects I do around my own home as I learn how to do them!


Feature items available for purchase

Here's what I secretly wish:

that I become a who is followed by complete strangers from everywhere...

it's a dream that may take more time and skill than I have available for dedicating to sitting at the computer. So...we'll see. I figure it's braver and more real to just get it out there :)

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